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+1 Ed Davis · February 19, 2015
Hi all, I have watched a boat load of Android videos, and especially like the burps Bucky expertly brings forth.  His tutorials have really helped me understand Android programming.  I come from Assembly (back when that's all there was!) and have been through C, C++, Delphi, and many more languages.  Now I"m happy to be learning Java in the Android space.

1.  I'm developing a musicians app for working musicians, and I need to display a lot of diagrams which will be images.  I have had some good progress just in a few days, but I an stumped on how to respond to a menu click in order to display a different Activity.  I don't completely get the response process that has to happen.

2.  Most of the images will include notes like A, Bb, C#, etc, rendered as images.  I hope to be able to display them in a scrolling panel, thinking that a Fragment would be handy in that case, but I've not found any information on scrolling images.

Thanks for any input, and thanks for the opportunity to join the forum.  I will soon be helping others as soon as I can!


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+2 Spikeedoo G · March 3, 2015
Well I might be able to help on your first question

In the code when you click the menu you can set an intent to go into another activity like so:

Intent i = new Intent(this, classname.class);

Where classname is the activity that you want to go to

Hope this helps (at least a little) :)

ps: I am sorry if I do not understand the question
0 Nicholas Eason · March 3, 2015
Above ^^ Put that in an onClickListener() and it will execute that whenever the thing is clicked.
+1 Spikeedoo G · March 3, 2015
Thank you Nicholas.
That is exactly what I meant. :)
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