How much time will it take ?

0 elio keddisseh · June 16, 2014
Hey everyone, from today I'll be following the android tutorials, I'm a intermediate in programming and a noob in java.
I decided to create an android application for my senior project in uni, I have around two months.
Do you think should I go for it or make something I already learned (website, c# app...) ?

The idea of the app is:
1) Login to the uni website.
2) Check your remaining payments, remaining courses, grades.
3) Let the administration send a notification via a webserver to the students.

Thanks for the advice.

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0 elio keddisseh · June 16, 2014
well what I know is that's impossible to master it in 2 months but for the tasks that I'm thinking about I need some opinions. But thanks for the reply anyway.
0 elio keddisseh · June 17, 2014
Thanks brano that's what I'm talking about. 
Actually I was searching today, I found that I can do it as webview since the website is for the uni and not mine I can't access their DB.
I was wondering if it's possible to let my app interact with the website ? 
Ex : In my app there's a login form, when the user enter his credentials the app will send parameters to website and check if it's valid and then enter my created forms showing fetched data from the website and not the DB.
If this possible to do, It will be much better than a webview. And if there's any advice, terms, ideas I'll be thankfull. 
Thanks again.
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