I need to build the program the everytime I run it.

0 Raghu Ram · February 18, 2015
When I type something in the program and click build and run, it shows me that " It seems that this project has not been built yet, Do you want to build this?" when I click Yes, it waits for sometime and does nothing and when I select no, it opens a command prompt windows but does not display the result. I must do this everytime I run a program. Please help me I am not able to run any program please help me.

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0 Raghu Ram · February 20, 2015
Abdullah, I have tried reinstalling codeblocks but it says "Target iusing an invalid compiler; Run aborted." What must I do please tell me.
+2 Abdullah Nauman · February 18, 2015
The only time when this can happen is when you don't have the language complier properly installed or configured. Kind of like trying to compile Java on Code::Blocks. If you are importing a new language to the compiler, then there is probably a problem with the configuration. If the compiler is meant to compile the language, then try uninstalling, and reinstalling the compiler. If the problem persists, consider choosing a different compiler.
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