0 suzey suzey · February 18, 2015
hello guys. i have to develop remote desktop software for my final year project. im using visual basic - so now my project only can remote own desktop (as server) . i have connected the server pc to client pc using ip address and when ping towards another success. the problem is, im missing coding for listen in server pc to client pc. so it cant show client desktop. i have no idea what the coding is. can you guys help me? this is related to whole my lifeeee :(

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0 Paarth Tandon · February 18, 2015
Don't cheat on school...
0 Abdullah Nauman · February 18, 2015
Yes, I would recommend, for your own good to delete this post. Also, try Google, I am sure that is not against the rules.
0 Mr. Mister · February 19, 2015
You should have paid attention in class...
Then you wouldn't have needed help.
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