How do I identify a network?

+1 Larry Wilson · February 18, 2015
Larry Wilson

I have been asked to implement a network db program (using MS Access) into a company that has an existing network. The users do not know much about their system and they presently don't have an IT person. What I want to know is where do I look, on the server or the workstations, to identify the type of network or how to identify/address the server from the workstations? The server will have the data (back end) and each workstation will have the front end interface. I know the program but I'm a little foggy on how to be sure the workstations are properly connected to the server and that the network will run smoothly. I have a fairly good understanding of computers but not networks. Any help with identifying how to address the data files (back end) from the workstations is appreciated.

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0 Larry Wilson · February 28, 2015
Thank you so much.

Your response is exactly what I was looking for.

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