What is wrong with Code Blocks?

+2 Aleksander Olewinski · February 17, 2015
Here is my code: http://ideone.com/cz0V1K

When You copy it to Code Blocks it is not working. It won't display any warnings or faults.
It just do not display results :/

Can You tell me guys what is wrong?

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0 c student · February 17, 2015
from: http://linux.die.net/man/3/fgets

fgets() reads in at most one less than size characters from stream and stores them into the buffer pointed to by s. Reading stops after an EOF or a newline. If a newline is read, it is stored into the buffer. A terminating null byte (aq\0aq) is stored after the last character in the buffer.
0 Lazar Bulic · February 17, 2015
Also I would also use int strcmpi(char* str1,char* str2) instead of strstr. 
0 Lazar Bulic · February 18, 2015
I know that strcpm and strstr are do different things. Also i know strcmpi is case-insensitive version of strcmp. I thought why not make in more user friendly from the start and suggested strcmpi instead of strsmp. Now i have question, is strcmp also C++ extension? 
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