A complete noob facing issues in Challenge #1

+1 Rafidul Islam · February 17, 2015
Okay so, I only stepped into my first programming language tutorials about two weeks ago. Starting with C with Bucky's tutorials, I watched till No.33 and tried the challenge. I told myself I won't carry on with the lessons until I completed it, and I seem to be going nowhere. Here's the code I wrote: http://pastebin.com/1H8Axq8X

The program runs, but it keeps saying the password does not meet the standards even when it does. As I said before, I'm completely new to programming, so I'm sure I made some mistake somewhere or I'm using a function in the wrong way. I'd really appreciate if someone showed me the code that worked for them and point out my mistakes here.

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0 Rafidul Islam · February 17, 2015
I'm glad you took the time to read through my code and point out the faults there. You also seem to have pointed out stuff I didn't quite learn to do yet. Nevertheless, I'll be taking your tips into account.

Also, I think I'll reconsider. I might just try the next tutorials now or try some other sources to learn the basics again before moving on from here. I appreciate your help.
0 Rafidul Islam · February 18, 2015
You mean K&R? Yeah I collected that book along with two others, 'C Primers Plus' and 'C Programming A Modern Approach'. I'm thinking of trying multiple sources to see which one works best for me. 

K&R seems to emphasize more on the 'how-to-do' and teaching the syntax for stuff. I just might need that first, thankyou. 
I'll certainly ask around here if I have any confusions.
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