Hello Everyone!!

0 Sally W. · June 16, 2014
Hello All!

I am a graphic design student going back for my Bachelor's Degree and was slightly panicked when I had my Interactive Media Class.  I haven't had web design in over a year or two.  The class was supposed to be Flash but they changed it to HTML5 canvas and of course they didn't update the website, so all the course media is Flash.  Feeling a little lost, I went to youtube.com for help and found this place.  THANK God.  I am learning so much more here than in class ever, which is sad.  

I am beginning to think they should open YouTube University because ya'll do a better job.  

Bucky rules!

Thanks and have a great day!

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0 Emily Cash · June 16, 2014
Hey Sally, welcome to buckysroom!
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