Notepad++ Flex and Bison

+3 Abdullah Nauman · February 17, 2015
So instead of going through the hassle of trying to configure Code::Blocks, Flex, and Bison. I think we should just use Notepad++ instead, and compile using command line. We don't really need to use Code:blocks, we can use any text editor right? If so, then lets just use a text-editor, and actually get started with the actual development process.

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+3 Sheldon Juncker · February 17, 2015
Sounds good. That's what I did with the last language that I created and this project is going to be smaller.

I may have classes today, depending on the weather, but if I don't, I'll try to create that tutorial on how to install MinGW, Flex, and Bison.
+1 Abdullah Nauman · February 17, 2015
Great! Looking forward to it!
+1 Sheldon Juncker · February 21, 2015
I finally created that tutorial. Here's the link:
+1 Sheldon Juncker · February 22, 2015
Yes, I agree that the logo is amazing. I don't know who designed it.
+1 Daniel Collier · February 18, 2015
same here, i cant wait to get started on this
0 Harish Kumar G · September 27, 2015
Hey everyone,
Can i know the plugin in notepadd++ which is used for identifying flex and bison(yacc) code.
It would be very helpful if anyone helps me out.

Thanks and Regards,
0 Daniel Collier · February 21, 2015
i will install these tomorrow after work. looking forward to it
0 Daniel Collier · February 21, 2015
also. AWESOME LOGO. who designed it if i might ask ?
0 Sheldon Juncker · February 22, 2015
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