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+2 Lucas Skarpness · February 17, 2015
I am having trouble remembering tutorial 14 of Java Programming. Is there a way to remember java code? I can remember 1-13 fine, but not 14 for some odd reason. I don't want to skip Tutorial 14 because I know I will need it in the future. (I am planning on making a 2D platformer game that is a mix of Terraria and Starbound, and another person is working on the website). I want to be able to develop software and games when I grow up because its a good source of extra cash, or even a profit.

My uncle was a programmer back then (I think he started with MySQL), so I am the son of the sister of a programmer. I hope I have what it takes to be a programmer like he was.

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   ~Lucas S.

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0 Jeff Smith · February 18, 2015
I used to keep asking my older brother to help do math because he was so smart. He quickly got tired and the best thing he ever did was stop telling me and just ask, "What do you think you should do?"

Point is, learning is not doing what somebody else says. Memorizing is not learning. You can learn from experience, but it must be your own work that you learn from. Don't get stuck thinking you've only learned cause you memorized what someone else did, but learn how to find out. If you know how to look things up, you never have to rely on remembering every detail.
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