How to recompile a decompiled dll?

+1 jhonathan macy · February 16, 2015
Hello everyone! Today i am trying to make a mod for this game i have and i was able to decompile it's dll file using .NET Reflector with the FileGenerator plugin. I checked create sub directories and create a visual studio project check boxes. I saved the files to a folder which gave me 451 items, 90% of them are c# source files. I then opened the visual studio project and made my edits and saved everything, but now i need to recompile everything back into one dll, how can i do this? I am new to this stuff as you can probably tell.

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0 Abdullah Nauman · February 16, 2015
Here, you can use this to recompile it:
Hope I Helped! :) 
0 jhonathan macy · February 16, 2015
@ Abdullah Nauman Thank you for your reply, the program you showed me would be useful, the only problem that i face with this is that it combines multiple assemblies into one Assembly. To use the program i would have to convert all my c# source files to their own assemblies which i have over 400 files of c# source files to convert individually. Is there a way i could convert them all at once?
0 Eugene Botma · February 20, 2015
If you're using visual studio and all of the files are in a single project, you can try the following:

open the project properties page->application->output type ->Class library

Save the properties and just build the project. 
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