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+2 Zach Lewis · February 16, 2015
I am very interested in learning Scala, but there are very few tutorials on the basics of it, which I find odd for a language that is gaining popularity. I am hoping that you can make some tutorials for the basics of Scala.

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0 Branislav Lazic · February 16, 2015
Hi. I'm a beginner in Scala too. Tutorials for Scala are very rare at the moment. Even if they come in some significant number, it's debatable what would be their quality since Scala is not that "naive" as Java and requires years of experience with programming languages to even start learning it. I chose (as I always do) to read some book.
In case of Scala it was: Programming Scala by Venkat Subramaniam.
I recommend you do the same thing. Good luck.
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