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+1 Michael Mangone · February 14, 2015
Hey guys, I'm Mike. 
I was formerly a computer engineering major at UCSB. 
I had an extremely hard time with it, though I didn't apply myself at all. 
Before failing out I took Python, C, and C++ courses and did very mediocre in them. 
My lab partners pretty much did the entire projects every time lol, which allowed me to pass with C's and D's, without learning much.
I was more interested in partying and being a kid, than I was actually in learning at the time. 

Now, a few years later, I've matured a bit, and still aspire to program. 
I have forgotten literally everything I learned while I was at UCSB.

I would like to learn skills that are tangible for work. Such as backend development for company websites, or front end user experience. On the side I would like to develop iOS games for kids. Think DoodleJump or FlappyBird. 

What would be the recommended languages to learn for web dev?  Will these skills translate to iOS development? Or is that a completely new way of thinking? 
I'm looking for playlists, that aren't outdated. I have a hard time following outdated playlists. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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0 Jay Deshaun · February 14, 2015
Well most apps are becoming web oriented but are not going to be completely, so if you would like to learn how to code for different OS like iOS or Android then you would need to learn how to code their languages.

iOS is Objective-C but you could use Swift
Android is Java
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