How to properly store client information?

0 Timmy Cafe · February 13, 2015
Let's say i have a few clients that want me to store their information securely, a few files, documents and other things. What would be the best way to secure them? and how would i receive those files securely? Thank you for any help

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0 Ian Arbuckle · February 13, 2015
Are you retrieving these files from a website or dropbox, google drive etc.. ? You can use php to secure the files on a website by using hash.
0 Jay Deshaun · February 13, 2015
Yea, or you could use MEGA (Paid version).
0 Timmy Cafe · February 13, 2015
Thank you both for responding. What i think i might do is set up a server for them to send the files to, the only thing i am worried about is the security, are there way to ensure its secure?
0 Jay Deshaun · February 14, 2015
You should buy a certificate ("HTTPS") for the server and hash every file/folder uploaded to the server.
0 Timmy Cafe · February 14, 2015
@Jay deshaun Thank you for the reply.

What i have been doing is looking at web hosting services and they are great but my only problem is their usage policies. What they claim is that i cannot use it for storage, which is what i will be doing with my clients files. I then looked at their dedicated server hosting and those are a bit out of my price range mainly due to the fact that i am a small business. I have kind of come to a halt, because i can't use the web hosting for what i am wanting to do and the dedicated servers are out of my price range. I can't think of another way.
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