My App doesn't appears at emulator!

+2 lonlon . · February 13, 2015
Hi all,

Actually I in the tutorial 18 & 19 in Android App Development for Beginners , there is no errors in code , but the app didn't shows up at the emulator. I have no idea why that might be? :'(

So please help me .

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0 Kasper Rasmussen · February 14, 2015
How does your emulator show up when you start it? Can you see the text "Android" as Bucky has in his video-demo?

I'm asking, since it could be that you are experiencing the same problem as me: The emulator seems to be "zoomed in".

Not that I have the answer, but I've got a very similar problem, where I need to tweak the placement of buttons in order to see what I'm coding. I still havn't found the solution, but am suspecious that your problem is related to mine.
0 lonlon . · February 14, 2015
It shows up and the emulator lunch normally , yes I saw the text android , but after finish lunching I didn't find my app inside the app tap at the emulator  .
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