not able to get the ['email'] and ['key'] from user

+1 shailesh kumar · February 12, 2015
email address which is url encoded and the @ symbol is replaced with %40. after user activating the account then how can we get email field. in activate.php 

i mean to say i am not able to get the ['email'] and ['key'] from user 

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0 Jay Deshaun · February 12, 2015
Well, you would need to use a database.
Cause if you're sending the email through "GET" method then for one I think there's going to be a security issue and second if you're encoding it then you could use the "urldecode" to decode the url or email.

If you're trying to get the email and key from the url then you would need to use "$_GET" to get them from the url.
0 Ron Butcher · February 16, 2015
Submit your forms using POST instead of GET.  It is more secure, and won't change the data like GET does.

<form action="submitPage.php" method="POST">  <!--  change method to POST -->
<!-- Form Data -->

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