Algorithm Tasks (Logics)

+3 Donald Trump · February 12, 2015
I need help!

The only side of programming that haunts me down Every, Single, God, Damn, Time, is inventing algorithms aka solving tasks that require logic only. Because I was always terrible at mostly combinatorics and geometry in math, I am of course terrible at solving these tasks, but for everything else, it goes smoothly.

So I was wondering something. Is it possible to enhance or expand the brain to understand logic tasks better? If so, how? If you know a good website for this, provide me a link. I'm having nightmares from this...

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0 mariano segura · February 13, 2015
search for the art of computer programming by Dnald Knuth
+1 Rehman . · April 4, 2015
Read a book ? i guess i'm having that problem too i can make a falsey logic and i need it to make it right :3 i got an idea over algorithm after i read a "Data structures" book i read that book :
but i guess this one is more appropriate :
0 Donald Trump · April 4, 2015
@Rehman thanks dude, that 4th edition book seems very useful and interesting.
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