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+1 John Lord · February 12, 2015
How to make gui app in c?

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+1 mikoĊ‚aj dominik · February 14, 2015
in c programming gui in gtk+ there is tutorial: http://zetcode.com/tutorials/gtktutorial/
0 Colin McGregor · February 14, 2015
For sure Linguist. We should instead make posts putting down the OP. That is much better. Way to show that trolls with useless comments are everywhere.

@John as Marvin said GTK is probably the most popular option.
0 John Lord · February 14, 2015
for windows
0 Marvin GenericLastName · February 13, 2015
You can use the GTK library to write GUI programs for any platform, and whether it be C or C++. As far as I know, GTK is the most popular one, but I'm not too sure about the Qt library since if I recall, it only supports C++ natively (because that's what I believe it is written on).
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