challenge 1 (correct me if the code is wrong)

0 kushagra singh · February 12, 2015

int main()
  char password;

  printf("Password: \n");
  scanf(" %c/n", &password);

  if( isupper(password) || isdigit(password) || password=='$'){

        printf("Good to go! \n");
  printf("Bad password! ;)", password);

return 0;

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0 Lazar Bulic · February 12, 2015
There are many thing to correct here. 

1) Lets start variable for password. 
So user should input a password, so that password is something like this: "Password123". So what type of input is that. Its a string. So what you want to do is make a string type variable.

2) So now that you have a string type variable you need to ask user to input it. Your:

scanf(" %c/n", &password);

won't work, so find a correct solution.  P.S. don't put anything in " " in scanf. You just need variable type ex. %c %d ........

3) In your line 

printf("Bad password!", password);

Please check how print works and try it again.

Also With these modifications you will see that your code needs more work that I haven't included but I am sure you will figure it out. 

What your code is doing is checking just the first character that your user inputs :) 
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