Android Studio vs. Android SDK

+1 vic cobb · February 11, 2015

I was wondering what the difference between Android Studio and Android SDK is.
I am a new android programmer. Many people have told me to use the sdk abd Eclipse, but in Bucky's new series, he says to download Studio. 
I am/was planning to use Eclipse, or NetBeans to do the programming (unless there is a better thing).

So my question is: which is better to use and what is the difference between them? Is Studio an IDE itself? And finally, what is the easiest/best to use for a beginner (I am decent in Java, but a beginner in android dev)?

I'm sorry for my lack in knowledge. Thank you for all your help! 

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+1 Nicholas Eason · February 11, 2015
So, Android Studio is the official Android IDE, and Eclipse is no longer supported.

That's number 1. Second, Android Studio vs SDK is not the question you think it is. SDK -> Software Development Kit. This is the code needed to even start anything that will run. I believe you mean Studio, with SDK, or Eclipse, with SDK. If you want to do standalone Java programs, use Eclipse. Android Studio is just for Android applications, I believe. It's also fairly new, so learning it can be sort of tedious, whereas Eclipse isn't new so there are tutorials left and right.

All in all, it's preference. This is mostly because Android Studio is "based off of" (someone correct me if I'm wrong) IntelliJ, which is another IDE.

They are both equally difficult to learn, because you're doing the same thing, the biggest difference between learning the two, like I said, is Android Studio is new, Eclipse is old, so Eclipse has far more tutorials, and easier to find tutorials, for learning.
+1 AKT Arun · February 11, 2015
I have been working with android studio for a while and it will eat up your RAM. I use Genymotion as my emulator.
So I would recommend a minimum of 4GB RAM but try 6GB or more and you will see the difference. Studio is better simply because its based on JetBrains InjelliJ and IntelliJ is one of the best IDEs a developer can get.
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