Challenge 2

+1 Seray Dönmez · February 11, 2015
I think I wrote this code in the easiest way. If you have any suggestions to improve it, please share with me! Thank you.. :)

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0 Lazar Bulic · February 11, 2015
there is a big chunk of code missing. try posting your code here:
This forum doesn't show code correctly. 
0 Seray Dönmez · February 11, 2015
I edit the message, please check the link i shared.. :)
0 c student · February 11, 2015
very nice, except for 2 issues:
1. your guess variable is of type char but you are scanning in a string.  your char variable will take in the first char but what happens to the null terminator?
2. i don't know where you got the idea of \'e\' from but it's incorrect.
0 Aybars Arslan · February 12, 2015
I think this else block never work :). waste code this lines..
else {
        printf("You Suck!!");

0 Seray Dönmez · February 16, 2015
I don't know why but the website added extra \\s into my program. I didn't write them!?!? :/
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