Where can I manually set the Android emulator resolution?

0 Kasper Rasmussen · February 10, 2015
I've installed Android Studio, and am currently following the "Android App Development for Beginners"-tutorial (which, btw. is absolutely brilliant! Thank you!!!).

I do have a challenge, that I've been trying to Google the answer to all day: Editing resolution of the AVD (emulator).

Even though I've followed the tutorial strictly, and even though I've tried to clone/create different virtual devices, I can't seem to find out where to edit resolution:

The screen on the virtual device seems to be zoomed in, and regardless which scaling I set via "edit AVD", the resolution is always zoomed in.

I should probably mention that I'm on a laptop.

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0 Nicholas Eason · February 11, 2015
You being on a Laptop will not make a difference.

To answer your question:

You couldn't find any answers because the feature is not possible. The lack of this feature is probably intentional too. It's poor practice, even if you could.

Why would you make an app designed on a phone that does not, will not, or should not exist?

Let's put it this way, you change the resolution to 1440p

Develop a super cool app on this 1440p device

Release it

It looks horrifyingly bad on lower-scale devices, such as the four times as small but super common, 720p devices

Suddenly, you see it... the thing you neglected to realize...

There are no 1440p phones.

Sweet story, I know, I should write a book. But in all honesty that story illustrates why you shouldn't change the resolution on the emulators. What you can do, if the screens are too small for your liking, is edit the scale. It doesn't do anything to the device, the device will never change. But you can set it to 4DP per Pixel on your monitor (4x the size). Obviously there are other sizes but you get the point.
0 Kasper Rasmussen · February 13, 2015
Hi Nick!

Thanks for your response, but you're missing where the problem is. I fully agree with you NOT to change resolution settings of an actual device :)

My problem is exclusively the AVD / emulator. When I open the emulator, it opens up "zoomed in" so even on the opening screen, instead of "Android" I can only see the "ndroi" and it fits the entire screen of the emulator.

Therefore, I'm asking if anyone knows whether there is a zoom setting in the emulator that I might accidentally have set. I can't find iit =(
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