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0 Rotaru Virgil · February 9, 2015
/images/forum/upload/2015-02-09/1ea58a0078247aa3a25477ec04343e42.png.....I want to help me with icons...on the left is icon that I downloaded and on right is icon that I can see pixels around my circle....this icons are from my taskbar.....if someone understood me then you must help me :D

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+1 Dante Vega · March 7, 2015
So correct me if I got the wrong message out of your post.

You want to know how you can create an icon that is smooth instead of pix-elated right?

There is a way to do this on Photoshop however I don't recommend it. In order to do it you would have to create the icon in a higher resolution and then shrink it and save for web. 

The best way to accomplish the smooth look in your Icon would be to create it in Illustrator or another Vector Imaging Software. by using a Vector program if you have to re-size it in the XHTML, CSS or other web language it will remain smooth at all times. 

The problem with Photoshop is that it is a raster or pixel based imaging software. if you enlarge something in Photoshop it loses image quality and the more you enlarge it the more pix-elated it becomes. 

Illustrator is an equation based imaging software. This means that when ever an image is created in Illustrator and re-sized in the in Illustrator it will remain sharp and clean. 
0 alex constantin · March 7, 2015
You can scale using Nearest Neighbour
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How could we ever get a distorted image of celebrities without it?

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