How will it end?

+2 Bucky Roberts · February 9, 2015
I honestly can not imagine how they can end this series. Here are the possibilities in my mind:

1. They find a cure
I am not really sure what this even means though. I mean, you can't cure the walkers (there bodies are already rotted) and a cure for the living just means that they won't turn after they die, which doesn't really matter in my opinion. I think maybe the first week the disease was spreading a cure would have been important, but now it is useless. 

2. Discover or create a sanctuary
This seems like it would be too boring. They find a safe place and just live there? I just don't think that's how the writers would end one of the most popular shows of all time. 

3. They all die
It is possible (and also realistic) that this is how it ends, but it would make the entire show seem kind of pointless. Follow them through the entire journey, and then they just die at the end? It would make me feel like, "so what was the point?"

What do you guys think?

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0 Mr. Computer · February 9, 2015
the 3th possibility gonna make me very angry i know that for sure 

aha its kind of interesting for me how will they gonna end it .. too much pressure on writers lol 
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