What is the best lightweight IDE for PHP development?

+5 Altaf Husain Neva · February 9, 2015
I am starting a new project in PHP. And need a good IDE with basic functionality like code highlighter, project management etc. I have already worked with Notepad++ and Dreamweaver. Please suggest me something else. Which should be completely free.

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0 Peer Ligthart · May 12, 2015
I really like to use Sublime Text 2, very easy to use.

0 Dennis Siaw · March 5, 2015
Use Netbeans IDE. its free and helpful
0 Mohamad Mirohamadi · March 5, 2015
If your are using windows then try phpStorm
0 ron curington · March 9, 2015
I’m currently using Visual Studio Community Edition 2013 which is free but to work with PHP you have to get the plugin / extension which I if I remember correctly ran me about $90 but all and all It’s a good IDE good code hinting and code compleation also good code highlighting.
0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · March 6, 2015
man i think you should just use phpstorm straight, you got everything in there.
0 Altaf Husain Neva · March 6, 2015
yeh guys PHPSTORM seems to be good but its not free :P
0 Michael Chimezie · February 28, 2015
you can try Aptana
0 Jason Knight · March 6, 2015
I like net beans personally, but some other cool  alright ones are notepad++ for windows and Geany on Linux
0 Nahiyan Alamgir · February 28, 2015
Atom seems pretty good to me.
@Michael Chimezie I tried Aptana but again it's an IDE, heavy and bloated.
0 Mohamad Mirohamadi · February 28, 2015
I just start using phpStorm , It is wonderful guys



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