When talking about the Energy and the types of Energy, shouldnt you include they're relative equations?  and that Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. Kinetic in Greek translates to "motion." The kinetic energy of an object depends on two factors: mass (m) and velocity (v). The mass of an object can be measured in kilograms (kg) and velocity of the object in meters per second(m/s).

The relationship between work and energy is visible when we compare the units of the two quantities. Since kinetic energy of an object is dependent upon mass (m) and velocity (v), the equation for kinetic energy is:

KE=1/2mass(kg) x [Velocity(m/s)]2

Work is  dependent on mass, acceleration, and distance.  The equation for work is:

W=[mass(kg) x acceleration(ms-2)]

Potential Energy is energy due to position, composition, or arrangement. Also, it is the energy associated with forces of attraction and repulsion between objects. Any object that is lifted from its resting position has stored energy therefore it is called potential energy because it has a potential to do work when released.

Shouldnt you include this information?