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+2 Neil Cannon · February 8, 2015
What's others thinking on the future of computers? Will they self - program, become self aware. Will future humans have computer cells attached to the brain? Think outside the box!

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+1 ducky mcsmiles · February 8, 2015
I think that some time in the future computers will become too intelligent and when they do there will be a war, we as humans will fight with weapons like sticks with rocks attatched on the end with a bit of string and fight against them, unfortunatly though the computers will have already thought of this and before the war starts they will destroy all the string they can get their filthy computer hands on, leaving us with just sticks, then they will send one of their filthy computer sons back in time to kill me before i have typed this message warning the world. Of course, i will have help from an older man on a motorbike who i later find out is another filthy computer son but i kinda get to know him and we become friends then i throw him into a fire and kill him.
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