Minimum fraction limit in BuckysRoom wallet ?

+3 Jayanth Varma B · June 14, 2014
I have a doubt. I have a few mBTC in some sites, which i want to transfer to my buckysroom wallet. I just want to know that are there any limits to the buckysroom wallet ? What is the minimum amount that i can transfer to my wallet in this site. I mean mBTC are small unit and i doubt whether this site allows small transactions. And finally are there any transaction fees in this site ? ? Please clarify. And thanks in advance :)

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+2 Bucky Roberts · June 14, 2014
You can send any amount of Bitcoin, up to 8 decimal places. For all Bitcoin transactions, there may be a very small transaction fee (about .0001) Here is some more information:

By the way, check your Bitcoin wallet ;)
+2 Jayanth Varma B · June 14, 2014
Thanks Bucky, the link you provided was helpful. Now my doubts are clarified. And got the bitcoins you sent me. Thanks bro :)
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