AVD manager not working !!

+2 Maeid Masum · February 8, 2015
/images/forum/upload/2015-02-08/8851f635f096c7035de2649291737b08.jpgThis is the error message whenever i choose nexus 5 as AVD manager. I also try to create a new device but that's showing some skin error !!! is there something i m missing ?? I'd be so happy if someone is out there to help.

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0 Neil Cannon · February 8, 2015
Don't be put off, get that emulator working! Hope the following helps

Name: MyEm_API_21
CPU/ABI: Google APIs Intel Atom (x86_64)
Path: C:\Users\ccuk\.android\avd\MyEm_API_21.avd
Target: Google APIs (API level 21)
Skin: nexus_4
SD Card: 100M
Snapshot: no
hw.lcd.density: 320
hw.dPad: no
avd.ini.encoding: UTF-8
hw.camera.back: none
disk.dataPartition.size: 200M
hw.gpu.enabled: yes
runtime.network.latency: none
skin.dynamic: no
hw.keyboard: yes
runtime.network.speed: full
hw.device.hash2: MD5:6930e145748b87e87d3f40cabd140a41
hw.ramSize: 1024
tag.id: google_apis
tag.display: Google APIs
hw.sdCard: yes
hw.device.manufacturer: User
hw.mainKeys: no
hw.accelerometer: yes
hw.trackBall: no
hw.device.name: MyEm
hw.sensors.proximity: yes
hw.battery: yes
AvdId: MyEm_API_21
hw.sensors.orientation: yes
hw.audioInput: yes
hw.camera.front: none
hw.gps: yes
avd.ini.displayname: MyEm API 21
snapshot.present: no
vm.heapSize: 64
runtime.scalefactor: auto

Set Hax memory to the same memory value in vm I use 1024MB.

I have found the emulator in android studio to work fine with buckys tutorials, i'm on 36 now.
0 Maeid Masum · February 8, 2015
Thank u guys :)
0 Maeid Masum · February 8, 2015
can i use  bluestacks?? if yes how to continue from 10th video??
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