Best programming language to learn first

+2 John Lord · February 7, 2015
What is the best programming language to learn first

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+1 Branislav Lazic · February 8, 2015

@Branislav, he asked for a "programming" language. Plus I have no idea why you would recommend someone HTML because you want them to feel what programming really is like and don't want to waste their time.

Stupid question deserves stupid answer. :)
+1 Neil Cannon · February 8, 2015
The best of luck, learning programming takes time, disclipline and dedication. If you have those 3 you will learn. Read up on all the programming languages and see what they are about and what function they serve. I started with basic, pascal, amiga code, C, C++, java, android.  
+1 Branislav Lazic · February 8, 2015
Raahim, I'm not going to argue with you, but post question like this on stackoverflow and see response.
You cannot recommend programming language just like that and you cannot ask for recommendations just like that. 
You cannot recommend PHP or Python if person want's to develop iOS apps.
Plus, wishes change. Today he will want to make iOS apps, tomorrow web applications, in one year or something he will want to make desktop applications etc.

What is the best programming language to learn first

is like asking:

"What is the best tool? Hammer, screwdriver or pliers?"

Even at very specific question like: 

What is the best programming language for RESTful web services?

you will have to come with very big list of comparison between applicable languages for that requirement.
0 Branislav Lazic · February 7, 2015
0 Abdullah Nauman · February 8, 2015
C++. Bucky once told me that you should start with a hard language, because then you can easily learn all others. If you learn Python, and then learn Java, its going ta be hard cause you don't know what objects or other stuff is.
0 Seamus Mackie · February 8, 2015
Python is always a great place to start, very powerful less verbose :) 
0 Sašo Plut · February 8, 2015
I'd say think about what you would like to do and then learn the language to do it..
0 Homer Simpson · February 8, 2015
I honestly think it depends on what you want to do. If you don't know what that is then I'd suggest either Java or Python. I see nothing wrong with starting with c++ so long as you start with a good foundation. C++ primer is a really in depth book if that's the route you'd like to take. Best of luck. :) 
0 c student · February 8, 2015
depends if you want to be a decent, good or great programmer. 
if you want to be a decent programmer, start with what you want, learn what you want.
if you want to be a good programmer, start with the basics.  lower levels like c/c++ as excellent languages to help understand what's going on inside memory.
if you want to be a great programmer, in conjunction with being a good programmer, learn how things happen, why the happen.  learn how to self-study, read man pages/documentation, research, plan and most importantly, learn how to test your codes, debug, check for memory leaks using tools such as gdb and valgrind, also, learn to use consoles instead of just "codeblocks".  once you've gotten a good understanding of all of this, you may move to a different language of whatever level you wish.  i'd encourage a path through java since it is a real-world and practical language used in many applications, great for designing and creating programs.
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