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+2 Anshu Rathee · February 7, 2015
I watched the video on android app development. In that when we first time launch android studio, it downloads some files BUT when i launched it first time, my wifi was off . The studio was launched, but now when i open the sdk manager, many things are unavailable.
Is there any option to download the files now or do i have to uninstall and re-install the android studio.
Plzzz Help.
And also when i open SDK manager the log is as follows:
  Fetched Add-ons List successfully 
  Fetching URL:
  Done loading packages.
  Failed to fetch URL, reason: Unknown Host
  Fetched Add-ons List successfully
  Fetching URL:
  Failed to fetch URL, reason: IO Unknown Host
  Done loading packages.
And now my laptop is connected to internet.

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0 Neil Cannon · February 8, 2015
To be on the safe side, uninstall all android studio including hiddens files and reinstall on a secure connection and make sure you have everything included. Watch the installation videos and also if your using intel processor that the Hax works to speed up the emulator.
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