What next?

+2 Ivica Despotovic · February 7, 2015
After this beginner course what to do next, 
how to improve my C programming skills?


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0 Ivica Despotovic · February 9, 2015
Thanks for answers
0 J show · February 8, 2015
I was wondering the same thing. Cause i have c programming right now in college. Im an electrical engineering major but am really interested in programming. I might try and get my computer science minor. 
0 c student · February 8, 2015
you may expand your development into other operating systems such as, and especially, linux if you have not already.  find what you want to create, research on header files, functions, read through man pages and documentation.  c in linux is a big world.  also, if you want to learn more about how c (or any programming language) works, i'd recommend you look into computer architecture and see what happens inside a computer's memory.
0 Lazar Bulic · February 8, 2015
Just do as many challenges and tasks as possible. If u need additional challenges I have plenty so just ask :) 
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