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0 Amish Garg · June 14, 2014
I had a task a VOICE CONTROLLED PROGRAM and that program should be like that if you say something it responds accordingly. For ex- If a group of people together say ' A ' then it should display a pic of apple with name. 
so please tell me how to do that ... 
in which language i should build that program ... what type of coding is needed for that ...etc. 
I'm only 14 years old and if I succeed in this project it will extremly benifit me . 

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+1 Eugene Botma · July 18, 2014
@Mr. Frost Thats cool, never knew there was a built in API for that. That makes it a bit easier to do the project
+1 William Frost · July 17, 2014
@Eugene Botma  along time ago I programmed a simple program as the OP asked for in C# and they have an API for it :)
+1 Eugene Botma · July 12, 2014
As the others say, you will need to learn to program first. Start simple with whichever language you like most (c# imo), then work your way to the more complex stuff, but always keep your end goal in mind. Program towards what you want your program to be. Also, dont be affraid to eventually abondon the project and start from scratch, it is usually not a bad idea to do so when you know a bit more about programming.
As for the voice activation. I assume there are existing voice activation libraries out there, but the good ones will be very expensive (and hard to pirate, not that i reccomend such a thing) and the cheap ones will probably not be very good quality but should be able to do the job. Once you have a good understanding of programming and the language you are using, look for a voice recognition library online (github is a good start).
 To write your own voice recognition system will need a deep understanding of wave physics as well as sound and language construction. Its taken years for teams of researchers to get where we are now. I'm not trying to discourage you, just saying that if you aim to write your own library, you probably wont get it working overnight.
0 Dillon Martin · July 12, 2014
I am going to be honest I have not done something like this specifically, so I cant help you there. However, everyone is going to tell you to learn everything first and then jump into it. I have found that if you do this you arn't necessarily doing what you really want to and will be bored. You do have to learn everything in order to do it, but slowly integrate it. So for example try to simplify your application as much as you can and then slowly get it to where you want. So start with typing a produces the word apple, then make it produce the word with a picture, then do this with voice. You will want more steps than this and you will learn as you are doing it. Every time you learn something you can use add it to your program. As for what program to use, you can use a bunch of different one. Almost anything can be done in multiple languages, so if you have one you want to learn more than another go ahead and learn that one.
0 Alexander Taylor · June 14, 2014
First of, if this is your first project, as it seems to be then sorry but, you need to start simpler, learn the basics first.

Voice activation is not exactly a simple process, its rather complex and takes a lot of knowledge to make work well. Look through some of Bucky's tutorials on different languages, find one you like the feel of and start from there. Start small and work your way up.
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