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+2 John Lord · February 6, 2015
Do i need to know c# in order to use unity

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0 Necip Asım Arslan · February 6, 2015
Depending on what are you planning to do with unity. If you wanna do basic fps game JavaScript will be sufficient to know. play.animation(var) or defining game objects you know...
0 Visal Krishnan · February 6, 2015
Scripting is an essential ingredient in all games. Even the simplest game will need scripts to respond to input from the player and arrange for events in the gameplay to happen when they should.


Everything in unity3D is a GameObject. We first start building a game by setting the sprites (2D) / 3D models in their respective positions.In a 2D game setup,Players and enemies will be in the foreground and other elements which we don’t interact much will be in the background.Once this is done,you have some non-moving static GameObjects.Its just like a photo rather than a video which you enjoy watching.

To make these Gameobjects move, to be more precise move according to your inputs/instructions.Scripting is very much required.

u can use c# javascript (but not the jS used for web development) Its called as unityscript 

Visula studio is the best developemnt IDE and Visual c# Express  is free
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