so anyone know how?

+1 danial saufi · February 6, 2015
My friend's cousin stupidly went and downloaded a so called bunnyhop hack for csgo in my friend's pc. SO YEA you guessed it, it was a fake ofc and he got hacked. Right now my friend pulled his wifi so that the hacker couldnt get access to my friend's pc. So i was wondering, cause im pretty angry , does anyone know how to hack back or at least get his ip address? cause well i kinda scolded him and the hacker threaten me backed. He seemes abit like a newbie tho. is there a way to hack back or get his ip adress without sending him emails, going to the website my friend's cousin downloaded cause my he forgot what the website was and the hacker messed up the history. 

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0 c student · February 6, 2015
use whatever works best for you.
0 danial saufi · February 6, 2015
to get the ip address
0 c student · February 6, 2015
what for?
0 danial saufi · February 6, 2015
if i use a resolver is it better?
0 c student · February 6, 2015
well, obviously, first of all, you'll need to reconnect your computer and allow him to gain access to his malware.  to find the connection, you'll need to use wireshark (if you know how to use it already, otherwise find another method) and scan for any weird or out-of-place ip/ports.
0 danial saufi · February 6, 2015
so how do i do that? Since my friend out of rage pulled the plug on the internet
0 c student · February 6, 2015
not sure, i haven't had the pleasure to cross paths with wireshark yet, but if he has described his method correctly, he will need to be able to directly connect to his malware through his own computer or some other service.  if your assumption of him "seeming to be a newbie", then he would most probably be using his own network to control without any use of protection such as a proxy to hide his identity and if this is the case, if he does connect to a program on your computer, you should be able to detect some traffic and find the location of origin.
0 danial saufi · February 6, 2015
not sure.. its just that he gain control of the computer. i see that i can get his ip address with wireshark using classicstun but it doesnt seem to work when i tried.. is this still workable?
0 c student · February 6, 2015
depends.  i'm assuming you were infected with malware?  what kind?
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