What do you hope happens in your lifetime?

+5 Bucky Roberts · February 6, 2015
What is one thing that you are hoping happens in your lifetime? For me, I think that finding intelligent life outside of Earth would be exciting (kind of scary though, especially if they look like this dude)


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+3 Pere Garau Burguera · February 6, 2015
Mr Greg (Bucky) Roberts becomes the world ruler. His teachings are spreaded all over the world. Everyone is following his heart. TheNewBoston is now the first site on Earth. You can learn everything on the Internet, for free and without any restrictions. Bucky's speeches are broadcasted to the entire world. Each year people peregrinate to Bucky's house. When living beings from other planets arrive on Earth, they go to Bucky first. He helps them make a TNB account. They love it immediately. They congratulate him. Bucky offers them a bacon & tuna sandwich. 
+2 Seems Legit · February 6, 2015
Real freedom for the people and real democracy. No corruption or spying (NSA). A free internet and a freedom of speech.
+2 Neil Cannon · February 6, 2015
That the Internet is for the people and not for spying on people and not for collecting and abusing information. 
+2 ducky mcsmiles · February 7, 2015
For me personally I think if you could teach a pig how to box professionally,then unleash him into a room full of chickens,that would be something I hope happens in my lifetime.
+1 Dennis Siaw · February 9, 2015
To develop one of the best programs in the world so that i can make mention of Bucky as my teacher and resource personnel.
+1 Troy Jones · February 6, 2015
The Trix rabbit will finally get some Trix.
+1 J.D Gauchat · February 6, 2015
life extension technologies are fully developed and we are able to live forever
+1 Abdullah Nauman · February 7, 2015
World Peace
+1 Yannis Sp · February 7, 2015
accessible  space travel for everyone at least in our solar system.best would be in galaxy or even universe.i want to freaking put my feet in a planet on another solar system!!
0 ♦Avishka RJ ♦™ · February 8, 2015
Go to moon
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