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+3 Robert Kambies · February 5, 2015
Hi Everyone,

So I am trying to learn swift and the first thing I'm trying to do is:

Start a playground and write code that does the following:

* Declares and initializes an integer constant with a non-negative value.

* Declares a variable to hold a double-precision floating point number.

* Assigns the variable the value of the integer constant divided by a double-precision floating-point number of your choice between 1 and 9, inclusive.

* Doubles the variable's value until it is over 100, keeping track of the number of times the variable is doubled.

* Displays the integer constant's value, the final value of the variable, and how many times the variable was doubled before its value was over 100. The output must be appropriately labeled to indicate the various values.

I have C++ under my belt but the limited information on swift programing I'm running into problems js getting the code down.  Any help would be great.

Thank you.

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0 hitesh gupta · February 12, 2015
i want to introduce side bar menu in my ios swift application. i am not able to figure out the way to do the same. 

Suggest some way to do same.
0 Pisut Lertsongkram · March 16, 2015
Hi Robert,

I am new here and very new in programming. Basically, I am a mechanical engineer. :D

However, I also like to do programming too.

Base on several resource I use, I think that best resource for Swift Beginner is start to do some easy app such as calculator, To Do App, in parallel with series of tutorial do in YOUTUE (to get familiar with Xcode). The basic document that every one use as programming guide is in below link.


Hope this help.
0 Saroj Kumar · June 15, 2016
Hello Robert,

Feeling great heard that you are interested and want to learn iOS Swift Programming.  Before staring ios swift programming I will suggest you learn this tutorial.

Swift Tutorial: Understanding the Goals of Swift 3.0 : http://rootinfosolutions.blogspot.in/2016/06/swift-tutorial-understanding-goals-of.html
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