How to host a .onion site

+4 jurgen wolf · February 5, 2015
I'd like to set up a so called hidden service on the TOR Network

Can anyone hel me on how to do this??

I have ubuntu und apache, I searched the net but I cant find anything that works


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0 Tatrasiel R · February 25, 2015
To have them not share IPs , you're probably going to buy a few IP addresses and get a Load balance and and a few things and have them set up in the routing tables so that traffic gets handled appropriately 
0 jurgen wolf · February 24, 2015
I got 1 Tor site up and running
how can i add aditional Tor sites??
0 Tatrasiel R · February 17, 2015
I like this question and I have thought of hosting a site on the tor network..

Try this and let me know how it works out for you. The idea should be the same as in linux.

here is another using NGINX on linux
0 jurgen wolf · February 5, 2015
dont worry what service i host

either help me or be quiet
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