Having server issues :/

+3 Melissa Ries · February 5, 2015
So....I have to create a website for class. No big deal right. Only thing is my IP address I am assigned to isn't working. My cPanel won't even come up. :/

We were assigned to upload our website home page through Filezilla. I entered in my HOST, password, and username. I keep getting a server error. I tested it in the Wizard and its telling me the external IP address is incorrect.

Any thoughts or ideas on an alternate solution? I already have an assigned domain name for the server.

If anyone knows how to help, I will message you the rest of the info needed.


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+1 Muamet Shasivari · February 5, 2015
check carefully all login information you enter.Sometimes seems to be ok but we always make some little mistake with password or id.
or even domain to that server.
+1 Melissa Ries · February 5, 2015
Thanks Muamet. Yea I already tried all that. My husband even tried on his computer. Something is wrong. I am just not sure what. I already emailed my teacher. I am just waiting now to see what to do next. I am exploring my options in the meantime.
+3 Mowmaster King · February 5, 2015
A quick google search shows that firezilla has been having these issues. Its an error with their code it looks like. Is it you have to use firezilla or its recommended by the professor? There is a work around clientside for this error. I personally use WinSCP for all my server file access. they have SFTP FTP and SCP support.
+1 Melissa Ries · February 5, 2015
Yea I noticed that firezilla has many issues during my search too. I also noticed other students in my class had issues. The people who have windows 8 found another solution. I have windows 7 so their solution won't work for me. I don't think it matters what I use. Firezilla is just recommended by the professor. I will try using WinSCP and see if that works. I'll let you know if it works. Thanks for the suggestion. ;)
+1 Melissa Ries · February 5, 2015
Mowmaster King you are AWESOME!!!

WinSCP worked! 


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