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+3 Abdullah Nauman · February 5, 2015
Hey guys,

    I was just playing around MS-Paint, and came up with this as a logo for Orion. I think it looks pretty good. I would love to get some feedback on this!  :) 
For some reason, the resolution is a little off on the forum. But it's actually better.

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+1 Sheldon Juncker · February 5, 2015
That looks great! I don't have an eye for design, but I'd suggest using a different font and making the glowing base of the "O" in Orion a full circle. It's cut off at the bottom for some reason.
+1 Abdullah Nauman · February 5, 2015
I am using MS-Paint, and the O is just an image, i'll see  what I can do. About the font,  I will try some diffrent ones! 
+1 Abdullah Nauman · February 6, 2015
/images/forum/upload/2015-02-06/a47e2481c8e59fb55b1620d2e89a4e9e.pngI changed it a little bit, how's this?
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