More Turorials - there are a lot of topic!!

+1 Roy Kuper · February 4, 2015
Hey Bucky,

The networking tutorial series is too short, he doesnt cover anything, and i remember that you upload a video in 2011 and u said that you will do a tutorial series and finish it till the end. so?

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0 c student · February 5, 2015
networking is an incredibly large topic and the videos he has made isn't even close to a quarter of the way and i doubt it would come close to finishing.  there is math involved for switching, bandwidth/delays, timing, etc...  there are quite a few algorithms you might need to be familiar with such as dijkstra's in routing, as well as ordered time complexities for optimised transfer speeds.  not to mention security where you'll need to understand cryptography, involving MORE math and algorithms such as euclidean algorithms for calculating gcd, exponentiation in rsa diffie-hellman key exchanges, bit-level xor/modular arithmetic, galois' finite fields, hash functions...  to teach this content, you'd better have a great understanding of what's going on and be qualified otherwise you're going to have a bad time.

and that's just a small portion of it... but hella fun to learn.  good luck!
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