+1 Matthew Swart · February 4, 2015
Hi All 

I am wondering if there is anyone out there that can maybe help me. I am currently doing the CCNA qualification through my college course. 

I have set-up two computers in packet tracer they are running through a switch and a router to talk to each other. I have all my settings done in my router, switch and computers but for some strange reason the router won't talk to PC-B and it is wrecking my head. If it will help I can send you my packet tracer file to have a look at.

Thanks and have a great day. 


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+1 Colonel Panic · February 11, 2015
Post configs for router all of the devices.   There is no information to go on with that description. 
+1 inno alex · February 20, 2015
ok i think i can help with my five experience in teaching networking. go to your conf t - go to the port that the Pc is connected to and enter no shutdown because the interface might be shutdown, that is if the vlan it is attach to is up else go to the vlan int and enter no shutdown or you can also run show interface command to view the curse . I think this might help you dear friend
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