Language of the Interpreter for Orion

+3 Sheldon Juncker · February 4, 2015
If the language is going to be a server-side language, we'll need to write an interpreter for it. On the other hand, if the language is going to be client-size, we'll need to compile it to JavaScript so that it can be run in a web browser.

However, we still need to decide which language we are going to use to do the interpreting or compiling.

From what I've read and from my own experience, I think that the best language for this would be C or C++. There are a lot of tools like Lex & Yacc that we could use to speed up development time.

What does everyone think about using C or C++ to write the language's interpreter?

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0 Sheldon Juncker · February 8, 2015
Alright, we are going to use C++ for the language, as long as there are no last minute objections. And we've had enough time for plenty of objections. :)
0 Sheldon Juncker · February 5, 2015
Yes, and C++ will allow us to use software such as Lex and Yacc (Flex and Bison) to help us write the compiler or interpreter.
0 Daniel Collier · February 4, 2015
i am perfectly happy using c++ for this project, it gives you a lot more control than say java
0 Sheldon Juncker · February 4, 2015
I just edited my post to make it more clear what I meant. Whether the language is client or server side, we will still need a language to do the interpreting or compiling. 

This thread is just to determine what language we are going to use to write that compiler or interpreter. You should post your question here:
0 Abdullah Nauman · February 4, 2015
I am not really good at C++.  I saw buckys entire tutorial series on it, but that was an year ago. 

 Web is really starting to take over the web at this point. not many people download software that much, even Microsoft Ofice is web based. I think it would be simpler, easier, and better, to make a client-side scripting language, that interprets in to javasrcript.  

Somethng like Typescript, or Cofeescript. This way we don't have to code our own browser than interprets that language. And we would not have to sit there makng an interpreter , that people would have to go through the trouble of downloading, and configuring it with thier ports(if the language is web based). 
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