is it just me?

+1 danial saufi · February 4, 2015
i dont know but is it just me or does anybody else has the same problem? like i already learned the basics and have gone abit into object oriented programming but when i see other peoples code its like i havent learn any programming. its like something new to me. i love programming but sometimes it hurts my eyes seeing other people codes. is it me or is someone having the same situation. like sometimes i feel like i didnt learn any programming while actually i already learned them. 

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0 danial saufi · February 4, 2015
wew ty i thought programming was not my thing. The object oriented programming is both buckys and a book i read. Do you have any video or book sources? i dun really like the ones in website cause first its hard to bring around and second its hard to imagine. I will really be appreciated if you could share some of your sources
0 danial saufi · February 4, 2015
TY :)
+1 Mr. Computer · February 4, 2015
no don't worry it isn't just you bro ;) 
+1 Dennis Siaw · February 4, 2015
Hmmmmm, Daniel its not only you.
I used to feel the same, but sometimes i motivate myself for the fact that at least i get my codes working.

I love programming in PHP but i have a basic knowledge in java, C and and C++.

I have a PDF on C++ which is simple, precise and straightforward.

I use it as a guide since most C++ codes or ideas can be applied in PHP, but nevertheless you cannot avoid watching Bucky's videos.

You might want to drop an email for this PDF cos i don't have any link that can help you download.
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