Type of Language (Server-side / Client-side)

+4 Sheldon Juncker · February 4, 2015
Now, we have a name a GitHub repository, and thanks to Abdullah, we'll soon have a logo and a temporary website.

Abdullah was asking me if the language would be like CoffeeScript or TypeScript. A language like this would be translated to JavaScript.

Originally we'd planned on making a server-side web development language.

Which type of language do you think that we should create?

(Deciding this shouldn't take as long as deciding on a name. :) )

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0 Sheldon Juncker · February 6, 2015
Yes, you are correct. But also, C++ cannot do anything that Assembly can't. This is the same that Typescript and Coffeescript are doing.
0 Daniel Collier · February 6, 2015
Won't the first option be a lot slower .
0 Abdullah Nauman · February 6, 2015
Ok thanks! I'll go do some research on flex, and bison! 

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