Getting Confused with Tags I no to Tags Bucky uses.

+2 Michael Marshall · February 3, 2015
Hi all,

I am a little confused. Trying to learn HTML... started to watch the HTML5 videos but Bucky said to start out with the "XHTML & CSS" videos. So i have... a fair few years ago when i was in college we briefly touched on web design and i remembered some of the Tags used! like the old 'Bold' and 'Italics' for instance.

back then bold was <b> and italics was <i> and a few others were different too. but i noticed that my was still works  and are easier to remember.

what should i do... use Buckys code and forget mine or keep using mine? Want to progress to HTML5  PHP and that sort of stuff.


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+2 Melissa Ries · February 5, 2015
Old HTML is dying out. Better to progress with the new stuff. There are certain elements that were a huge pain and caused a lot of issues. One main change is the use of tables to format a webpage. I hate tables! I loathe them! They are literally the bane of coding in my opinion. Tables are the worst for so many reasons; and they really bog down code and take up too much bandwidth slowing down the browser.

My first HTML class we had to learn all the old code and how to make everything from scratch before we moved into CSS and beyond.

Besides HTML5 is sooooo much nicer and easier to work with. Its clean and simple. Its also not nearly as temperamental.

Also, old HTML doesn't  render very well. In addition websites are also supposed to be responsive now bc more and more people use smartphones and tablets online.

Also....if you want to know more. Find a really good book with TONS of information to learn from. If you were to write a research paper you wouldn't cite all of your information from one source would you? Of course not. Get information from multiple sources. I always buy an extra book in my classes separate from the University issued I come in here.

Bucky's stuff is amazing and he teaches it really well and in a way that makes it easy to understand. But you should learn from other sources as well.

Good luck!
0 Abdullah Nauman · March 5, 2015
Yes, I agree with Melissa. Though would recommend using CSS for bolding and italicizing.
Just do:
p { 

font-style: italic;

p { 

font-style: bold;
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