If you woke up one day and 98% of the population were zombies, what would you do?

+8 Bucky Roberts · February 3, 2015
I would go and try to find my family. Chances are that they would be zombies too, but then I would make sure I had a radio (hoping I could get together with some of the living) I would then go to a grocery store, but not a big one like Walmart because there would be too many zombies. It would be a little convenient store and load up with canned food and water and make my way to the mountains. Chances are that whatever infection caused it would not have reached those people, and also zombies hate climbing mountains  :)

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0 Simon Kl├╝ttermann · July 22, 2015
Never learned anything from movies? You shall go to your favorite bar!
0 Dave . · July 23, 2015
You mean they aren't that already?

Boy have I been mistaken.

0 Praveen Nelson · July 25, 2015
I would live with the rest of the 2% good people in somewhere china
0 Chandan A V · July 25, 2015
Assume you are also one among them
0 Jeff the Killer · July 26, 2015
Kill everything on sight
0 Barik Yusif · April 20, 2016
I would curse my eyes for waking up
0 Mau Amolat · April 20, 2016
Learn Java with Bucky at Youtube (smile)

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