If you woke up one day and 98% of the population were zombies, what would you do?

+8 Bucky Roberts · February 3, 2015
I would go and try to find my family. Chances are that they would be zombies too, but then I would make sure I had a radio (hoping I could get together with some of the living) I would then go to a grocery store, but not a big one like Walmart because there would be too many zombies. It would be a little convenient store and load up with canned food and water and make my way to the mountains. Chances are that whatever infection caused it would not have reached those people, and also zombies hate climbing mountains  :)

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+6 M Uxi · February 4, 2015

+1 Earl Hudson · February 4, 2015
I'd find some Zombie programmers and stick a computer in front of them. As Zombies, they don't need sleep and should be able to get some coding done.
0 Adrian Correa · February 5, 2015
go back to sleep
0 ducky mcsmiles · February 7, 2015
I think I would try help them get the other 2%,I would trick the last remaining survivors one by one into coming to look at something in my shed then once inside I would bite them and although I wouldnt be a zombie myself I think it would really hurt
0 Melissa Ries · February 7, 2015
My husband would kill all the zombies by chopping off their heads with one of his tools. We would load up in the car, stop at the nearest gas station and fill up, stop at the nearest grocery store and grab all the bottled water, powdered whey protein and energy bars as we can. You can live off that stuff you know. I would grab as many ensures and protein drinks as possible too. No time to fix food while you're running from zombies. We would then stop by the closest gun store and raid it for weapons. After that we would drive to the mountains in West Va where there are hardly any people and stay with my step-daughter, her husband, and our grandson. There is also plenty of wildlife there too, so meat wouldn't be hard to come by.
0 Rohit Buddabathina ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ · July 4, 2015
I would try to sleep some more time until i see humans
0 Sachin Kumar · July 11, 2015
I would go to grocery store off-course to grab every ounce of eatable stuffs then i would go to  military base and then will fire all the nuclear bombs all over the world while me hiding in a nuclear proof base :D.
May all the zombies soul and the rest 2% living being' soul REST IN PEACE :P
0 Vraj Patel · July 19, 2015
PINCH ME...I think I am dreaming :sleeping: 
0 R.K Cheun · July 20, 2015
That's 98%.. 2% are still alive
There's roughty 7,329,830,750 so 2% of that would be around 146596615.

Resident Evil? Close enough let's blow some  freaking heads off with quarters.
0 jamil amini · July 20, 2015
If the remaining 2% are girls I will try to survive 

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