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+3 Thomas Heidenreich · February 3, 2015
Hi guys,

I have been following Bucky's Android App tutuorials. Thanks for your efforts, you are doing a great job!!

I want to develop something like a social network app and now I am wondering how and where to store all the user data like profile information, access data, images, videos, messages,....

-Where should the data be stored? (Server, Cloud, ...?)
-What kind of database is recommendable for this kind of data? (SQL,...?)
-Does Google offer any solution for Android Apps? (I heared of Google App engine...?)

Could you give some general advice how most developpers of similar Android Apps implement solutions? (Server, Cloud, FTP,...??)

Thanks for any advice! :-)

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+2 Bucky Roberts · February 4, 2015
We are actually working on the Android App for this site right now. All of the users data (posts, pictures, etc...) will be stored on our server. We are making an API that the App will use to communicate with the server. 

We are using a MySQL database and Amazons EC2 for our server (I would definitely recommend them)
0 Thomas Heidenreich · February 4, 2015
Hi Bucky,

thanks for your response, I will take a look at the Amazon service.

I guess a crucial and tough part is the mentioned API. Is this part of the device (mobile, tablet,...) or is it something that has to be done/configured on the server side?

Do you know where to find some information about the API programming?

I am looking forward to your new app! :-)
0 sohrab zia ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ · February 5, 2015
and bucky please upload android tutorials about Thenewboston app if you could or just a video about how you are doing or your experience so far .
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