For the people who say Programming isn't hard

+1 Michael Marshall · February 3, 2015
Seriously How can you say that?

Ive just looked at the source code for a few things and well its way out of my depth.
im stopping now... 

These videos don't come close to the things you have to do to make actual software. Kudos to you guys who have managed to get somewhere.

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+5 c student · February 3, 2015
like everything in life, it takes a lot of patience and dedication if you want to get somewhere, you just need to take the first step and have lots of determination and motivation to keep moving forwards.  the codes you see online are from people who have written code for many years, maybe even an entire lifetime of progression.  when you were young and started the most basics of mathematics like 1+1 and you saw someone doing differential calculus (pretty basic mathematics there too), you'd obviously have the same attitude...  as for actual software? they're built in teams, not many people just whip up a piece of fully functional program with a million fantastic features by themselves...

don't program because it's a chore, do it because it's fun, because you have the power in this day of age to learn whatever you wish whenever you wish, as a hobby.  it's never too late to start, don't quit before you've begun.

besides, who doesn't want to learn how to control machines and make them do everything you want as if they were your slave?
0 Alf Nohr · February 3, 2015
The tutorials Bucky have made, will probably just get you started, and make you used to the most usefully / basic stuff, however to get more "in depth" knowledge  of a language, should you consider to get a book or "books" about that language, and start reading /  practicing.
0 Tomislav Keškić · February 3, 2015
c student, jeez that was a motivational speech right there! Thank you dude, you're awesome, you just gave me motivation to keep moving forward!
0 Lazar Bulic · February 3, 2015
Anybody who says "learning is easy" is working against you!
0 Cardinal Coog · February 4, 2015
C Student: Very well said.

I wish Bucky or someone with Administrative privileges would pin that post to the top of the website.
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